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Hu An Cable Testing 111 title won the "2013 Annual Wuxi harmonious labor relations advanced enterprises"

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Created by Wuxi harmonious labor relations leading group after nearly five months of rigorous evaluation, selection, publicity, review, recently, Wuxi create a harmonious labor relations Work Leading Group to the company awarded the 2013 annual "harmonious labor relations advanced Wuxi enterprises "medal. Meanwhile the years, Hu An Cable by strengthening enterprise management and technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness, focusing to create a harmonious labor relations in enterprises, increasing cohesion within and outside the strong competitiveness, and promote enterprise healthy, sustained and steady development. Foreign long-term labor and social security departments to maintain close contact, the latest policy, to avoid the risk of employment; internal regular exchanges with employees, facilitate communication, mediation of labor disputes. Wuxi City, according to the Human Resources Department to create a harmonious labor relations leading group of specific job requirements, from the height of establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development, fully aware of the importance of creating a harmonious labor relations advanced enterprises activities, strengthen leadership, improve the system, through the active labor relations warning, resolve labor disputes and other forms of implementation of various labor and social security policies, etc., to build a harmonious labor relations, to create a harmonious enterprise.